This past week all of us at Belu Life have made a conscious effort to slow down, do our best, and find happiness in the small things - going for a walk, speaking to our families, and enjoying the fact that the sun is shining and it’s finally stopped raining!  


The United Nations has chosen to highlight the 20th March as International Day of Happiness as an annual reminder to us about the importance of hope, joy, positivity and overall well-being in our lives. Well-being and mental health are at the core of what we aim to promote as a brand, and when we started Belu Life in 2021, we wanted to  encourage people to take part in activities that not only aided their physical health, but their mental health also. We want to provide the tools to help make a healthy and happy lifestyle that bit easier and from that we decided to create a high quality, high performance activewear brand.


At its core, the International Day of Happiness urges us to reflect on what truly makes us happy and brings us joy and a sense of fulfilment. It encourages everyone to prioritise their mental health and emotional well-being and puts emphasis on the important relationships in our lives.


So what makes you happy? Happiness is diverse and extremely personal, therefore everyone you ask will probably have a different answer. Some might find joy when spending time with their friends and family, while others prefer to sit alone and read a book. Some people find true happiness when they feel they’ve found their purpose in life, such as volunteering for a charity or excelling in a sport. During lockdown many people found happiness in slowing down, baking banana bread and going for daily walks. Your definition of happiness will change throughout your life but it is something that we all constantly strive for. An easy way to find small joys in life is by practising mindfulness. Try to stop for a moment and take notice of the small things that make you happy; the sun shining, your friends belly laughing, or the smell of fresh flowers - these small things add up and really do become the big things!


At Belu Life, it is so important to us that we lead a healthy lifestyle. By healthy we don’t mean going to the gym five times a week or tracking our macros. To us, being healthy means getting outside, eating nutritious food that fuels our bodies, and above all else prioritising our mental health and happiness. The phrase “comparison is the thief of joy” is all too accurate and especially relevant in the fitness industry, this is why our whole range is designed for and aimed at “normal people” who lead busy lives and are just doing their best!


This weekend why not do something simple that brings you happiness - go for that walk, call that friend, or bake that cake!

March 21, 2024 — Bethan Trussell