About Us


BELU LIFE was born out of our desire to create a brand centred around healthy living. Knowing that leading an active lifestyle is an important way to improve and maintain your physical and mental wellbeing we have combined this with a passion for sustainability to create BELU LIFE.

We want to encourage people to get outside and move their bodies in whatever way feels good to them whether that is walking, running, going to the gym etc. By supplying high performance and comfortable activewear, we provide the tools to make living an active lifestyle that bit easier.

BELU LIFE was founded by us, Beth and Lucy. We met working for a large firm in London and bonded over a keen interest in leading a healthy lifestyle. We found that feeling at our best led to feeling more empowered to take on life’s everyday challenges, whether that’s in the workplace or at the gym. Throughout the pandemic this became increasingly more important to us, and we regularly caught up on the phone whilst doing our daily walks. This is really where the idea for BELU LIFE came from. More than ever, we understood our need for physical activity and getting outdoors. However, we wanted clothing we could wear that was not only technical and comfortable, but also looked great, was endurable, and kind to nature. It was from these conversations that BELU LIFE was born.


At BELU LIFE we endeavour to cultivate a sense of comfort and freedom in the fitness industry. A relaxed and comfortable fit is a common theme throughout our first limited collection and this helps to provide a sense of modesty to the brand.

The earthy colours are our nod to nature and the feeling of getting outdoors to move our bodies.

The minimalist and clean designs of our garments are our way of expressing the understated luxury of the brand.


Our mission at BELU LIFE is to create more than clothing, we want to build a community that understands you and everything that a healthy lifestyle means to you. Our clothes are technical, high quality and high performance to support you through your workout. We also have features on our garments such as pockets and thumb cuffs to offer a practical side to you


The future of our planet is at the heart of what we do. As a company, we are committed to making products that protect the environment and future generations. By being transparent about where and how our garments are produced, you can make an informed choice.

By using high quality fabrics from Italy, our products are durable to last you through many workouts meaning you do not have to replenish your wardrobe often - quality over quantity every time!

We're determined to make sure we do everything as sustainably as we can. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we are infallible right now, but we will always challenge ourselves to improve BELU LIFE.

Please see the sustainability section for more information on this


To lead a heathy lifestyle we have understood that having high quality and high performance activewear is key. Our garments are made with materials that have technical features to enhance the performance of your workout from shape retention to sweat wicking. Combined with design features our products have you covered when it comes to high quality, supportive activewear to help you perform at your peak.

We have listed each feature on the individual product page so you can see the extra benefits that you can get from your workout by wearing BELU LIFE.