During lockdown, we were all obsessed with getting outside. Being stuck in our homes with the instructions to not leave unless completely necessary triggered a deep appreciation for the simple act of getting outdoors!

I recently read the statistic that the average person now spends at least 7 hours a day on a screen. Much of this will be checking emails, working, or scrolling through social media – I think we’re all guilty of the occasional “doom scroll”. 

Since going back to “normal life”, we’ve all gradually slipped back into taking nature for granted. Given the fast pace of everyone’s daily lives, it’s easy to overlook the importance of carving out time to get your body moving and get outside.

But why is this so important? Getting out of the house and away from the dreaded screen plays a key role in sustaining our health. In this blog we will explore just a couple of the many benefits that nature offers.



Going outside removes you from a constantly stimulating environment: the clamour of children, the urge to constantly check for incoming emails, or the hustle and bustle of a busy office. These factors often lead to a sensory overload leaving you feeling mentally exhausted.  

Giving yourself time outdoors devoid of distractions allows you to detach from your daily responsibilities. Studies suggest that spending time outside reduces the stress hormone cortisol, leading to the feeling of relaxation and the ability to “turn your brain off”.


Improved sleep

Research has shown that spending time in the fresh air helps contribute to a better night’s sleep and this is primarily down to sunlight exposure. Surprisingly even during the gloomy English winter months, when it feels like there is no sun, it continues to benefit our well-being. It improves our sleep by doing three things: helping you feel more tired, shortening the time it takes you to fall asleep and improving the quality of sleep you get.



As well as benefiting your mental health and general well-being, going out for a walk is great exercise.  It can help you maintain a healthy weight, keep your muscles and bones strong and healthy, strengthen your cardiovascular fitness and even help to improve your balance. Due to the benefits of relaxation and stress relief it also helps to control diseases such as high blood pressure.


Final Thoughts

When we launched Belu Life, our aim wasn't just to design fashionable, durable, eco-friendly activewear for all, but also to inspire individuals to embrace a more active way of life. Many assume this entails strict gym routines and restrictive diets, but in truth, even something as basic as taking a leisurely stroll or spending thirty minutes outdoors can have immense benefits for your well-being! Will you find time to get outside today?





February 27, 2024 — Bethan Trussell